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Monday, July 15, 2013
Was feeling a bit down but was telling myself I really needed to get started on a draft I had due for a blog advertorial. And so I had to download a song-playing app (it's honestly pretty awesome by the way) for this advertorial. The first artist I searched randomly was... Selena Gomez. I know. *hides face* I could have picked something cooler but it was the first thing that popped into my head.

So next I tried to think of something "cooler" (so that you know, my readers will think I'm cool) & hopefully a song I didn't already have in my iTunes. What popped into my head next was the favourite band of someone... I used to be very close to. Naturally being close to this person meant I had heard these songs many times & quite liked them, but never got round to downloading them myself. So I searched the band & picked a song title that seemed familiar. What stunned me next was how hearing this song unleashed a crazy torrent of emotions. Mostly confusion at why this was happening. It's been quite a while. Didn't see where this was coming from at all. And I sat there & cried & didn't know why. Maybe even though you've both moved on & life continues, it's just jarring how a person can be practically your entire world for a period of time, & also disappear from it.

... Maybe also hormones. I shall blame it on hormones. There. Did I just kill it?

13 comments on "Blues"
  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    awww don't be confused... it's important that you give yourself more time. closure takes a while to settle :) even if you don't think of yourself as an emotional person or don't give in to emotions easily, they're still there.

    you have a good blog, a good life! Go make it better for yourself, Sophie! <3

  2. Its ok Sophie, letting your emotions go is a good thing:) Let's you start fresh and new! Feel better:)

    Townhouse Palette

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Things happened sophie. We made some friends but we also lose some along the way. In life, we meet the bad ones before meeting the right one so when we finally met the right one, we know how to appreciate and treasure them.

    Sometimes i also dwell on my past and kept thinking what went wrong, but eventually told myself, my life is way too awesome to dwell on ppl who don't wanna be a part of me and my life.

    You're doing great now! Keep going on and all the best! I see that you're now back to jet black hair. Stay pretty.

    - K

  4. Cheer up, Sophie! <3 Time heals everything.

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Hey Sophie, sometimes it takes a while to get where you ought to be - may it be circling around the same bed of emotions, or shooting up high and feeling a crushing low.

    I enjoy reading your blog, as it reminds me of my friends, and life back in Singapore. Keep your chin up, but don't be afraid to cry as much as you want to.


    p.s. maybe you can get a pet? My pomeranian went through the darkest period of my life with me, and a pet's love is really healing. Plus you get reminded how you can always love, again.

  6. *hugs and kisses!*

    It's okay to show your emotions - it doesn't mean you are weak, it just means that you have been strong for too long <3

    Time heals everything, so give time, time.

    You have many many people who love and adore you :)

  7. Anonymous6:36 PM

    stay strong sophie~ yout readers will always love you <3

  8. Whenever I get emotional, I love to blame it on hormones. Being emotional is okay though! I think it helps to get over things. Hanna Marie

  9. It's probably hormones... I always get so damn depressed and emotional when I'm PMS-ing! Hang in there :)

  10. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Im sure the other person felt the same way one point or another.

  11. Anonymous9:34 AM

    sometimes i get hit by a wave of emotions too. and i'd just let the tears flow. i hate it but i guess crying in itself helps.

  12. We're all just human afterall

  13. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Are you talking about Alaric? Be cool Sop. You deserve better.