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Paris - Vlog

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A vlog from my trip to Paris, back in December 2012! I know. I'm so bogged down by backdated posts! Anyhow this post is for our last day in Paris, after which we took the train to Zurich.
(To be precise, we missed our train to Zurich & had to buy a new ticket T_T)

This vlog is about the hostel we stayed in - St Christopher's Inn - which is thus far easily the best one I've been to (I've stayed in 7 hostels so far). They have chains in many major European cities so do check them out if you're considering a pocket-friendly trip up!

P.S. Totally judging myself now that I am *cough* 9 months older & wiser.

Sarah with my suitcase (I have no idea why she is posing with it)!

The table, which got decidedly messier since we girls moved in... hahaha.

And this is one reason why I actually feel that mixed dorms are better.
It's perfectly safe & it's not awkward at all; everyone has respect for each other.

When you stay in a dorm with JUST girls, it's a freaking luggage explosion hahaha. And plus they tend to be more difficult compared to the guys & will be really anal about the light being on & noise & stuff like that. Basically... girls are harder to live with :x

Someone sleeping & a great touch by the hostel - an individual light & sockets on the wall

Our hostel wasn't that centrally located (very central areas would be exorbitantly priced anyway, so you won't find hostels there) but it was near a metro & that was good enough! Travel time was maybe 30 mins? The area isn't noisy as well. The only downside would be a lack of food/stores.

Paris - L'Opera (aka Day 2)

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11 comments on "Paris - Vlog"
  1. Anonymous1:06 AM

    The Labels/tags box is at right side when you're drafting your blog post.
    Put every word you want but I think there's a limit though I just forgot.

    Love your blog especially your travel posts!!!


  2. I've always wondered what a hostel looks like. Not so bad I guess! -Hanna Lei

  3. thank you for uploading this! I was just planning a paris trip and was hesistant if i should stay in a hostel. gonna check it out now! (btw st christopher's inn just opened a new hostel in the central location!)

  4. Where is your outfit from? It's really cute!

  5. Anonymous9:41 PM

    love reading your travel posts! :)
    Just wondering, do you carry your laptop wherever you go? Isn't it heavy for easy mobility?

  6. The same as Hanna, I too have also been curious of what the inside of an hostel would look like. It's different than I imagined! Thanks for sharing. Paris is definitely on my "must visit" places (Japan being the first)!

  7. Please vlog more! It's very nice to listen to you since your voice is so chill and not annoying at all lol!

  8. Anonymous10:44 PM

    You're so pretty :) At first glanced you look like the western but then second glanced you totally look like asian :) hooraay to asian like us :D

  9. Woah!
    I was surprised how calm your voice is, it suits you perfectly! :)

    I have, for a long time now, considering staying at hostels and I really wasn't sure about the whole sharing-room-with-others idea but your post has opened my eyes. I DO believe you're right with the guys! Just girls is such a mess and gosh all the drama!

    I love your last two selcas! You look absolutely stunning <3

    Lucy Hart <3

  10. Isabel4:31 AM

    Going to Paris this December! Gonna try out the hostel you stayed in :D

  11. that hostel seems so cute! I want to go to one now! XD