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Salon Vim x Sensual Nails

Thursday, August 01, 2013
Went to Salon Vim two days after I touched down after my trip to Europe!
I needed to colour my hair for my graduation ceremony at NUS, which was to be the following day.

I loved my blonde hair just because it was different & fun & I could actually carry it off (yes?)! 

But... time to go back to being a brunette. Actually I haven't had dark brown hair for like... almost 2 years I think? I had various shades of brown but they were never this dark! All started that fateful day I decided to buy a box of hair dye & DIY my hair for fun... LOL. Erm. #YOLO?

Light makeup (brown eyeliner, concealer & lipstick) that day:

(You don't know how hard it is to capture all of my hair in one photo)
(And my arms are already pretty long)

Hair is pretty healthy despite the ridiculous amount of bleaching & dyeing it has gone through!
Salon Vim has really taken good care of my hair (Y).

Soft hair & lightly blown curled ends.

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(not applicable with other discounts)

For enquiries & appointments, call: 
- 6884 7757 (313 @ Somerset) 
- 6837 0073 (Bugis) 
- 6732 9388 (Chez Vous @ Takashimaya) 

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10 comments on "Salon Vim x Sensual Nails"
  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    yay no more hideous blonde hair! hallelujah! u knw I even unfollowed u on insta because u looked so ugly with ur blonde hair

  2. I love the nail design you picked. So pretty. -Hanna Marie

  3. Your hair is still healthy and shiny! How they do that? My hair is still dry and I only had it colored ONE TIME. Congrats on graduating college btw!

    A Hint of Sunlight

  4. brown looks better on ya :D

  5. Anonymous10:47 AM

    u rocked the blonde but it was kinda trashy looking for some reason... the dark brown is much, much classier n gives u this mysterious appeal!! have fun with it :)

  6. Love your nails, it looks really glittery!! <3

    Celyx Lim

  7. you back with the black hair.. nice

  8. Anonymous9:44 PM

    SISTER SOPHIE, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT KINDA APP YOU'RE USING TO EDIT YOUR INSTAGRAM PICTURES. THEY'RE REALLY CAUGHT ME UP. Hope you don't mind to share it with me. Thanks (and sorry for the cap-locks, since this is really urgent)

  9. You hair look beautiful...
    Thanks for sharing