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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
"Omg I'm actually eating my whole pizza. Normally I struggle to finish half omg."
*a while later*

"Left with a quarter pizza. I could eat it. But quite piggy. Such a dilemma."
*a while later*

"Staring forlornly at the quarter pizza"
*a while later*

"They have been banished to the recesses of my fridge. AWAY FROM ME."
"Far from my reach!"
"They will never be touched."
"Till tomorrow's breakfast that is..."

That was my Monday evening for you.

Outfit for dinner with Vivaleng the other day!
(In standard Sophie fashion, these were actually taken quite a long time ago)

| Bangle & ring - Amber Sceats | Bag - Chloe | Bracelet - $2 from a flea (lost it that day haha) |

Both top & bottom are from The Mayfair!
All items are under $15.90 :O
Quote "SOPHIEWILLOCQ" to get $1/piece!
(not valid for new arrivals)
Find them on Facebook as well!

Pictures were taken in front of the wood panels outside the B1 Cineleisure toilets, in case you were wondering. I know how important #OOTD backgrounds are! *cough* No but seriously, sometimes I come across a poor boyfriend being stuck taking a godzillion pictures for his girlfriend's Instagram #OOTDs hahaha. Always an amusing sight. Unfortunately also a likely role any boyfriend of mine will have to undertake.

Some of you may have realised that I've disabled my Formspring account, which at last count had... 23097 responses :O I thought I would feel sadder about it, but in the end it just feels like that part of my life (hahaha) is behind me. I actually had my Formspring for what, 3+ years? :O Time flies.
I still think the convenience of being able to ask & answer questions on one platform makes sense though, so I may decide to start again on since it allows anonymous questions :) 
I'll see how it goes! 24hrs/day are just not enough.

P.S. I just divided 23097 by (3 x 365)... I answered an average of 21 questions a day... #nolife


Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Just a little reminder for today, especially when you're feeling discouraged about the goodness of people nowadays. Indifference these days tends to be the norm & in fact you start to see more of people actively trying to create problems, or even ruin, the lives of others for no reason other than some kind of sadistic personal gratification. You don't even need to look further than comments made online with the purpose to intentionally hurt someone. It's become so common that people just brush it aside & say, "it's the Internet", "free speech", "be the bigger person" - blah blah blah, as if these are acceptable normal. But why doesn't anyone think, were any of these even necessary? Have we lapsed so much that discussions are no longer about kindness, but tolerance towards unkindness?

Anyhow. Just feeling a little discouraged this week. The Thais really make good advertisements:


Unfortunately I don't really believe in karma. I think real life has shown far too often that it doesn't really apply & there are so many instances of suffering that I don't think anyone could ever really legitimately deserve (abnormal instances of heinous crimes aside). And anyway, being good should just be about... being good. Not about rewards. I hope we'll all still be teaching that to our kids next time. xo

GUESS Watches

Friday, September 13, 2013
I'm sure everyone is familiar with GUESS by now, & so far on my blog I've already featured them twice previously! This time, GUESS Watches provided 3 pieces from their latest Fall 13 collection for me to match accordingly with 3 different outfit occasions - Casual, Workwear & Party! 

I'll be showing you how no matter the occasion, there'll be a GUESS watch suitable! 
And YOU have to read on because there are a few easy GIVEAWAYS for you! :D
(And also a lot of my face haha)

These are the 3 watches I'll be featuring in this post!
Top to Bottom: Untamed, Viva in Silver & Mini Phantom in Gold/Silver!

Below are some of their other pieces however, & they come in many other quirky designs!
L-R: Time to Give, Tea Rose, Jet Setter

My favourite among these 3 would be the Jet Setter one! I'm not really into diamante/sparkly designs for watches so the Jet Setter one is a perfect mix of casual & unique for me! I love the unusual rose-gold colour as well (which is pretty uncommon) & think it comes together surprisingly well with the denim! The denim watch comes in men's style as well, which would be suitable for boyfriends!

The Time to Give watch is actually a limited edition design that's part of GUESS' philanthropic efforts, which has so far seen USD$4.5 million donated to 7 charities! Part of the proceeds from the Time to Give watch will be donated to "Faces to Watch, Time to Give", which is program to benefit children worldwide.

Tea Rose is a really outstanding piece with a floral design! This is great for days where you're looking to inject a bit of colour into your outfit while still keeping it formal & classic!

*** *** ***

I picked the gold Untamed watch as my Casual piece! Some may say it looks more party-ish but I personally prefer leather straps to metal chain-links so I would always pick a leather strap watch as my go-to one! Hence it's my pick for Casual outfits which can be worn on a daily basis.

The Untamed piece is very easy to match! I like that it has a simple watch face (no numerals/diamonds/etc) but is still unique due to its python-style print.

Closer look at the python design, & matched with 2 GUESS Jewellry pieces!

*** *** ***

For Work I felt a classic silver watch was the most suitable, & hence the Viva!

Here it is paired with 2 silver GUESS Jewellry! 

The 2 silver bracelets easily match the watch, which mixes sport & glitz through the crystals encrusted around the watch face! This keeps the watch looking feminine & you can easily layer on dainty charm bracelets like above to further accessorize it.

The silver colour scheme keeps it simple & classic while the crystals mix things up a bit!
Perfect for the more formal work setting without being too plain :)

The silver Viva watch is really easy to match! Its classic design means that it goes well with formal outfits & various colors. The design is kept simple so you can still accessorize it, such as with the 2 dainty GUESS charm bracelets I've used above, or with something chunkier & bolder!

*** *** ***

And last but not least, I felt the mix of gold & silver on the Mini Phantom was more suitable for party/night occasions! The metal chain-link makes it more formal, but the combination of gold & silver keeps it playful! I also like that it's fairly simple so you can layer it with a lot of bracelets/rings if that's your thing! This watch is a new take on men's watches, fusing sports-watch elements with sophisticated feminine features to produce the perfect mix of both worlds for the modern girl!

Here is the watch paired with 2 gold pieces from GUESS Jewellry!

*** *** ***


Ok enough of my rambling, I'm sure you want to know how YOU can get involved!

First up is the GUESS Roadshow at VivoCity Atrium!
14 - 20 October 2013, 10am - 10pm
You'll see the showcase of the GUESS Fall 13 watch collection & get to enjoy exclusive promotions!

And you should especially come on the 19th because...

I'll be there along with Beatrice, Qiuting & Rachell!

Yes that's the prize.
LOLOLOL. Ok fine. There's a contest & freebies!

3 of you will...


All you need to do to qualify is to Instagram a photo of your favorite GUESS watch. Pop by a GUESS store to check out their new watch collection & decide which you would want to win! 

Snap a picture of you trying on that watch & submit with the hashtags #favouriteguesswatch #sophiewillocq! Or if you already own a GUESS watch, you can Instagram a picture of that as well! Just don't forget your hashtags! That's all you need to do! :D

Be careful with the spelling of "favourite" ok. 
Haha if you spell it as #favoriteguesswatch your entry might get overlooked!

*** *** ***

Take a look at more of the GUESS watches (especially to join the contest!) here:


3 people will win a GUESS Watches voucher worth $200 each simply by signing up on the mailing list
Open 13 September 2013 - 27 October 2013 so don't wait too long!

*** *** ***

And not to worry, even if you don't win a watch... 50 of you will also get a limited edition GUESS denim tote bag for free! Simply be the first 50 to RSVP your details at the HERE for the 19th October, 3pm roadshow & you'll receive the bag!

 This is the denim tote bag! Very easy to match & of a good size!

*** *** ***


GUESS is also running promotions from 13 September 2013 - 27 October 2013!

1) 15% off regular-priced GUESS watches + exclusive GUESS Denim Tote bag upon purchase

2) 15% off regular-priced GUESS jewellry, with an additional 5% off for purchases of 2 or more items

To qualify for the discounts, simply quote my name! :D Very simple!

*** *** ***

So will your watch be for Casual, Work or Play?

You can get GUESS watches & jewellry at any of these stores below:

313@Somerset, #01-K1
Tel: 6735 3325

Plaza Singapura, #01-29
Tel: 6238 9379

JEM, #02-K2
Tel: 6734 3794

Marina Square, #02-151
Tel: 6337 5491

*** *** ***

Check out the GUESS Watches Fall 13 TVC below!

Qing Ming & Dashiel's 1st Month

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
I know Qing Ming (paying respects to your ancestors a.k.a "ancestor worship") & a baby's 1st month by not seem to be the most normal topics to put together. But they happened to be on the same day & I've always found Qing Ming to be quite a happy event actually, because the family comes together & we normally just make jokes about burning paper iPhones & paper laptops for our ancestors.

Anyhow, it was a rather dreary day because it was raining & I was going through this weird period where every single pair of contact lens hurt my eyes. And looking at the picture above I was also having a bad hair day FML lololol

Quiet for a Sunday during Qing Ming as it was nearing the "closing" period for ancestor worship & plus obviously it was raining so no one would want to go out & burn things that day...

And I was wearing flats (instead of slippers) since I was attending Dashiel's party after that, so my flats got soaker through & my toes were absolutely freezing! T_T Also note the skirt tucked into the waistband.
To put it simply, SKY Y U RAIN THAT DAY?!

OOTD; dresscode was very naturally... pink (& it turns out I have very few pink items). Haha. In case you didn't know, Wendy's birthday is around the same time as Dashiel's 1st month so mother & son were able to celebrate together!

In fact the plan was that she would think it was entirely for Dashiel, but we would surprise her with a birthday party for her as well with her own friends & family.

I dropped by town first to buy balloons! 
The 2 Hello Kitty ones were for Wendy while the Birthday Prince one was for Dashiel.

Super cute strawberry shortcakes (Wendy's favourite) decorated with letters & Dashiel's face!

HAHA this one is even cuter! A myriad of grumpy Dashiel expressions! This baby has so many faces.

In case you couldn't tell, the cafe/shop is all about arts & craft! If I'm not wrong, families pay for a certain amount of time there to use the arts & craft supplies with their kids. Unfortunately I really can't remember what this place is called :/ I just know it's in the Arab Street area!

The star of the day (& every other day) happily snoozing basically... the entire time.
So no one really got to play with Dashiel that day lol.

And while I'm at it, here are some older pictures of Dashiel!
Omg he already looks so different now (check out Wendy's Instagram @xiaxue)!

Below is him at 1 month old!

This was back when he always had this disapproving/suspicious face & it was so cute haha.
We used to joke that he was like me, a.k.a always "meh" & unimpressed by things hahaha.
But now at 5 months old he's a much more cheerful & smiley baby!

(Note how I gave up at one point & bust out my spectacles because my eyes just hurt too much)
(We were admiring a pair of Juicy Couture shoes Dashiel received!)

To many more birthdays for both Dashiel & Wendy!
♥ ♥