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Blogpost... #1000?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
"Omg I'm actually eating my whole pizza. Normally I struggle to finish half omg."
*a while later*

"Left with a quarter pizza. I could eat it. But quite piggy. Such a dilemma."
*a while later*

"Staring forlornly at the quarter pizza"
*a while later*

"They have been banished to the recesses of my fridge. AWAY FROM ME."
"Far from my reach!"
"They will never be touched."
"Till tomorrow's breakfast that is..."

That was my Monday evening for you.

Outfit for dinner with Vivaleng the other day!
(In standard Sophie fashion, these were actually taken quite a long time ago)

| Bangle & ring - Amber Sceats | Bag - Chloe | Bracelet - $2 from a flea (lost it that day haha) |

Both top & bottom are from The Mayfair!
All items are under $15.90 :O
Quote "SOPHIEWILLOCQ" to get $1/piece!
(not valid for new arrivals)
Find them on Facebook as well!

Pictures were taken in front of the wood panels outside the B1 Cineleisure toilets, in case you were wondering. I know how important #OOTD backgrounds are! *cough* No but seriously, sometimes I come across a poor boyfriend being stuck taking a godzillion pictures for his girlfriend's Instagram #OOTDs hahaha. Always an amusing sight. Unfortunately also a likely role any boyfriend of mine will have to undertake.

Some of you may have realised that I've disabled my Formspring account, which at last count had... 23097 responses :O I thought I would feel sadder about it, but in the end it just feels like that part of my life (hahaha) is behind me. I actually had my Formspring for what, 3+ years? :O Time flies.
I still think the convenience of being able to ask & answer questions on one platform makes sense though, so I may decide to start again on since it allows anonymous questions :) 
I'll see how it goes! 24hrs/day are just not enough.

P.S. I just divided 23097 by (3 x 365)... I answered an average of 21 questions a day... #nolife

6 comments on "Blogpost... #1000?"
  1. What!? I can't believe how many questions you answered. -Hanna Marie

  2. love your outfit!!

  3. Love the purple! ^^

  4. Latasha10:12 PM

    so pretty!

  5. your ring and bracelet ooh super love it!!

    kisses from indonesia,

  6. i can't believe it's food again... xD