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Wednesday, October 02, 2013
Couple of weeks ago Jane from Malaysia came to Singapore so Yutaki & I met up with her (2nd time!)(by the time I blog this we've already met a 3rd time because she came to Singapore again haha) & brought her to Antoinette for cakes!

I had never tried Antoinette before but had heard about it. We went to the Palais Renaissance branch on a Sunday & it was pretty quiet so go there to avoid crowds! Antoinette is pretty pricey though, if you get a full meal with a main, dessert & drink it'll likely end up around $50/person.

The macarons were mediocre... I haven't tried very many brands of macarons but Laduree's is definitely better & the prices are comparable. Get Antoinette's cakes instead!

I like the white cake the most! The exterior was sort of jelly/custard-ish & there was some kind of filling inside but I forgot what it was :X Each cake is around $8 :X

Was meh.

Not too bad! It's the nutty-flavoured type of dessert. Hazelnut maybe?

Jane & Yutaki!

Bracelet from Balenciaga, iPhone 5 case from F21 & crop top from Topshop (birthday gift from Vivaleng!)

(Yes I realise it's a little awkward that my post below also features the same skirt hahaha. I swear it's just a coincidence ok, not that I wore the same skirt for 2 consecutive days! *shifty eyes*)

Headed to Cineleisure for dinner afterwards at Shokudo!

Matcha smoothie with azuki beans.

Meh face. I don't actually like Shokudo's food that much. I haven't found a dish there that I would say is good & so far I've already tried the... meatball pasta, katsu curry, chicken karaage, rosti, pizza, sushi... We just go there because it's one of the few restaurants open late! #LifeOfANightOwl
But the desserts aren't bad (creme brûlée & waffles).

Ok that's it! You probably took 5 minutes to read this post but I took 3 hours to do it up T_T
This is why I've been lazy to update lol. How on earth did I do this regularly previously?!
I was thinking about it yesterday & I think that... during my 4 years at NUS I was actually a full-time blogger & a part-time student lol. Basically I went home every day (and I only had class 3 times a week) & bummed online. #NobodyDoesReadingsUnlessYouHaveTo. 
So. I had a lot of free time for blogging.


4 comments on "Antoinette"
  1. This food looks so good. I can't believe blogging takes you so long to do I think I only do 30 min for a post, but mine look quite bad so.. -Hanna Marie

  2. Nothing beats Laduree macarons! Haha. Great pics as always, I enjoy looking at your food photos. :)

  3. Awww man! I wish I tried Antoinette when I was in SG but only because my middle name is Antoinette, hehe.

  4. i love that skirt! <3