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Saturday, November 09, 2013
Oh wow I think this is the longest that I haven't updated my blog :x

Anyhow here's a little photo diary of my short trip to Osaka last week!

I don't even like ramen - but here I finished the whole bowl.


Osaka turned out colder than I expected. I checked the weather forecast beforehand, which put the average temperatures between 17 - 21 degrees Celsius. But it drizzled the entire time I was there >:(

Bought another Uniqlo thermal wear while out shopping; a sleeveless one this time since it wasn't that cold. Frankly I can't really say it does much for me, but perhaps psychologically it'll keep me warmer :/

Also bought a pair of boots to replace my pumps!

Osaka is thankfully much cheaper than Tokyo, where clothes usually cost above S$100 & a "sale" means S$80. I didn't look much at clothes in Osaka, but my boots only cost S$20+.

Wouldn't be my blog without a selfie…

One day while playing Taboo my friend said "Sophie has a lot of these!!!" to explain her word. Turns out it was… freckles. Haha ok I never knew I had freckles that prominent.

IT'S A WHITE TILED WALL. You cannot NOT take pictures with it *defensive*

Takashimaya looks so posh here haha. 
I would expect this store to have been like, Harrod's or something.

"Osaka mug". "Osaka tumbler"

This crab restaurant is supposed to be really famous!

Cross over this canal to get to…


It's a major street! For the metro, the nearest one is probably Namba.

Love the Japanese crepes!
They have a huge variety unlike the conventional French ones (which I love as well) & for desserts I usually always gravitate towards something with bananas for some reason.

Banana, custard & chocolate sprinkles (negligible).

Loved the taste of the custard with the banana!
Previously in Tokyo I got the conventional whipped cream one, which was meh.

Ah yes my new boots.

We kept talking about Tokyo bananas (a famous sponge banana-shaped cake with banana cream filling) & joking that here we'd have to settle for Osaka bananas instead. Turns out they're a real thing :x

Osaka bananas (top left) are chocolate-covered versions!

I went nuts at the Family Mart because they have… INSTANT PASTA.
Shove off maggi, I now have instant pasta! As you can see, I only bought 1 instant ramen.

11 comments on "Osaka"
  1. I kind of got addicted to the convenient stores when I was in Tokyo as well. Love EM foood! Just so yummy! Even my last meal was from 7 11 lol.

    Nice boots btw ^^

  2. I love the sweater you were wearing. -Hanna Lei

  3. you can understand nihongo?

  4. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Hey Sophie, where did u get that floral sweater from? Thanks!

  5. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Hi, how long were you in Osaka for?

  6. Eric Zhang2:55 PM

    Did you go into the crab restaurant? It was fantastic but a little costly. Seems like osaka is rather small, been to all the places you posted + a montain where I went snowboarding+hotspring resort.

  7. if it's this cold now, i can't imagine myself there during Christmas time !!! O.O

    i love your last pic with so many foooood !!!

  8. sophie!! your job doesn't allow you to have dark brown hair? i prefer your hair colour back when you were in nus!

  9. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Hi Sophie, Im going to osaka next week. Im just wondering where did u get ur boots from? Need one to keep my feet warm, thank you so much ><