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Back then...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Happened to reminisce with a friend about our younger days…

"Please lor, talking about dorky."
"Can't beat me using my mom's card to buy Farmville money"

"I had the most awesome farm"
"And during seasons I would redecorate"
"That's why I needed money"
"For a Christmas reindeer sled"

I loved games like that… Farmville, Cityville, Sims… In fact "younger days" refers to me like, 2 years ago. And in fact in fact, I would still love to play those games if I had people to play them with! I was so sad whenever my virtual neighbours lost interest (which they always did) & stopped playing…

I wish I could play these games again but there's always a million & one things to do & I'm afraid that once I start I'll be even less productive than I already am (which judging by my blog updates, is EXTREMELY unproductive). Oh woe thee growing up…

Nowadays blogs all seem to be a competition of seeing who is more "lifestyle" - who travels more, who goes to the best brunch places, who has the nicest clothes, who can recommend the best desserts…

I'm as guilty of that mindless picture-spam (though I suck at that lifestyle thing because it generally involves being awake before 3pm & night-time OOTDs just don't cut it) & maybe that's why I slowly lost interest in blogging… because I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say anymore? Or maybe I still do, but I just don't know how to anymore, or I forgot how.

I'll read my archives & be like, "Where did that girl go? She used to be so interesting" 

Now my reflex is that like… if I blog too many words people will lose interest (like now). Attention spans are getting shorter & shorter. Everything is bite-sized, instant & straight to the chase.

I remember this line I saw - "It's not an adventure if it's not on Instagram"
And it's so true. I look at some couples & I see the ridiculous amount of effort they put into making their relationship look amazing on social media. Who are you trying to prove your love to?
Or how even I myself said earlier on today that I would want my proposal to be done in the company of my friends because somehow recounting the event to them instead just seems less… nice.
It's like… your experience isn't worth anything anymore if other people can't witness it.

Telling a story has become so much less consumable than clicking a "like" on Instagram.

Well I'm rambling.