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Munich, BMW Welt

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Yet more pictures from my 2012 winter holidays to Europe! Gosh… wonder when I'll be done with these :x And move on to my 2013 summer holidays to Europe… #samethingdifferentyear

So we headed to another big market in Munich! Similarly to the Christmas market… there was nothing to buy. It's the usual touristy or artisanal stuff, so the main thing to go for is the food!

Lots of cool lights at the entrance.

I love this! You can get it in France too (but normal pizza-shaped) & it's basically sort of like a normal pizza except with cream sauce! In French it's called Tarte Flambée, in German Flamkuche.
The crust is very thin & the toppings are onions & little bits of ham.

German sausage in a bun

Warm wine is a pretty popular drink in Germany (Zurich as well); I tried it once I think but I just somehow find the idea of a warm wine really unappealing! It's like… having a flat Coke. Or a lukewarm hot chocolate. Or a melted ice-cream. Basically an antithesis.

But well, I don't particularly appreciate wine itself either (yet).

Hat choice for the day :3

Got up late the next day & headed to a nearby park/lake, followed by the BMW Welt!

I must have woken up really quite late………
'twas already getting dark!

Lying on the grass for selflies… #IKR

Water of the lake froze over! Of course I didn't really dare to put my weight on it though.

Last one :x

Walked over to the BMW Welt after that, which was…

… not very interesting.

I guess guys would be more interested? 
It's basically just a nice architectural building with lots of nice cars.

Pretty cool layout though! Totally reminded me of the movie Cars 2, where the cars drive round & round the showroom/race building as well.

Munich's metro! There's actually no gantry or barrier to just hopping onboard for free, but they do have occasional ticket inspectors. And the fine is 40 Euros if I remember correctly. Depends on your luck!

Hehe another hat choice of the day :3
I think I brought 3 beanies & 1 hat for this trip :3

4 comments on "Munich, BMW Welt"
  1. Those cars are so cool -Hanna Lei

  2. ozzzz~sooooo many dream catchers by right very hard to find it in Malaysia!!!

  3. Warm wine at this kind of markets is usually very bad quality and taste strange. It's better to prepare it at home, with some good spices and oranges - then it's delicious and just perfect for the cold, winter day :)

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