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Friday, December 12, 2014
I don't usually take my pictures at any specific place. Most of the time I try to simply wear out whatever item I want to feature for an #ootd (lol) & snap it with... my iPhone.

On this particular day I headed out with my DSLR (Canon 700D). Which I don't really know how to use either. I mean I roughly know ISO & exposure, but frankly most of the time I just use Auto mode...

Anyway, went to a (what I thought was) deserted & quiet stretch of road near my home, although I generally hate large amounts of greenery in my pictures. Look at the damned things below. So bloody much... green. And yellow. Idk! I don't like warm/pastel tones either, but I'd pick that over cold tones.



So this is just a random update because I was tired of posts needing hours & hours of editing.

Life has been alright so far, though I've never liked the festive season that much.
I know, can you say Grinch?

But really, I feel the festivities have become so commercialised. May also stem from the fact that I hate giving & receiving gifts! Thus, the worst season ever for such a person haha.
I hate stressing over what to pick, will they like it, how will they react...

Me: "Shit it's pouring so I should wear slippers but I'm wearing jeans & then I'd be committing that deadly jeans + slippers sin" -> #firstworldproblems

Also, 2015 horoscope predictions are out already so I've spent my time reading mine & selectively remembering positive traits. Oh wait, is that one of my negative traits then? #inception #leo

7 comments on "Behind The Scenes"
  1. I think these pictures are funny! -Hanna Lei

  2. The pictures are amazing :D
    Beautiful outfit. The hat suits you so well :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM

    where did you get your hat from? :)

  4. Anonymous5:13 AM

    I think of gift giving as an opportunity to troll and give someone something weird that they wouldn't get for themselves. Just bought my macho male friend a game about unicorn breeding. People that complain about presents suck! Don't feel so pressured.

  5. This year's like my 2nd year that I'm not really feeling festive anymore. Like it's just another day now, so hi-5 on that! xD might be a sign that I'm getting old :{

  6. look a beauty..!
    love your style