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//TWFLP// Coffee Talk

Friday, March 20, 2015
The first blogpost in my series of TWFLP - The Wild Flower Land Project - (a name coined by Yutaki) which consists of Yutaki's & my first photography project together, where we travelled down under to Perth! I've actually been to Perth city many times & in my honest opinion it's quite a quiet town; shops close pretty early & in the evenings the town is really... empty.

However we booked an AirBnB 40 minutes away from Perth city & we loved it! Suburban/countryside Perth is really pretty & picturesque! We rented a car to get around & it was pretty fun. You can actually spot wild kangaroos & on one night I almost hit one that darted out unto the road suddenly O.O Luckily the road was empty & I simply swerved to avoid the bugger lol.

Googled for cafes in Perth & sadly they all close really early! (Neither Yutaki & I are really "day" people... we are night owls) I remember how we arrived at one at 3.45pm & they had already packed up everything because they close at 4pm...

I can't remember the name of the one we finally went to but the food was not bad!

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7 comments on "//TWFLP// Coffee Talk"
  1. You look so beautiful Sophie! Hope you have a great trip, looking forward to hearing more about it. :)

  2. Really pretty. simple but elegant.

  3. beautiful photos =D

  4. Girl you look gorgeous! Love these photos. -Hanna Lei

  5. Love the skins! But you might want to change the link to the correct one!