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Norway - Nights out

Sunday, May 17, 2015
Continuation from my previous post on Norway's fjords!
I was in Stavanger over the weekend, so Vivaleng brought me out!

Got to try this Scandinavian thing called snus, which is basically like a tobacco pouch.
It's banned in the EU, but still very popular in countries like Sweden & Norway.

You stick it under your lip & the tobacco gets absorbed into your bloodstream that way.

In a way it's sort of like smoking & it's no wonder I saw a couple of Scandinavian guys using it on my flight home, since you can't smoke on planes but with snus you get the same sort of effect.

Anyhow you can use it for varying amounts of time, ranging from like, 5 minutes for the first time to 30 minutes or whatever for regular users. It stains your teeth pretty yellow though, noticed that among the male friends Vivaleng introduced me to.

So I stuck it under my lip & didn't feel anything for quite a bit so I just left it there for 20 minutes or something & then the effect hit me suddenly & I wound up vomitting in the toilet lol.

It's nothing like the alcohol sort of nausea if that's what you're thinking. 
You're perfectly lucid & sober. Just felt sick because it was too long for my first time!

And also, #thepictureyoutakebeforeyouloseyourphone
Okay she didn't lose her phone but it looks like a very possible scenario.

2012 >> fresh-faced 22 year old.

What hasn't changed:
Still doing the twist in pictures (hello, I'm half Asian)
Still have bangs (I demand that bangs be allowed in passport pictures)
Still doing the semi-duck face pout in pictures

In fact, even my makeup is still the same.
I think since I began using eyeliner (15 years old if I recall correctly) my makeup hasn't changed. Still concealer, eyeliner & lipstick. Eyeshadow & blush on more dressy occasions.

Alright, this means I'm FINALLY done with my 2012 winter Europe holiday posts!
Can now move on to backdated 2013 posts LOL.

4 comments on "Norway - Nights out"
  1. These photos are so funny! -Hanna Lei

  2. HAHAHA whether or not your posts are backdated (who cares actually, I don't), it's still interesting to read your posts! :)

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Seriously, you have to try snus?? It's so gross (and looks so gross when people use it)! I didn't know it's banned in the EU by the way, but my neighbour was in prison in Japan for a day because he had some in his pocket. They didn't know what it was and took him in. The Swedish embassy sent a lady to help him and she laughed crazy about the snus. LOL!

  4. At this rate, I think you'll keep posting backdated photos lol. I'll still be reading though ;D