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Yutaki's Gossip Girl 27th Birthday

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Met up with the whole bunch in May for our usual annual event... Yutaki's birthday!

For most adults (FML yes I am one now) birthdays aren't really a big thing anymore & in fact we probably don't want to be reminded that we're growing old(er) haha. I myself haven't bothered about my birthday in ages since hitting my teen years. I did the cursory 21st birthday, but for the rest most of the time I just did a simple dinner with friends. And there was even a year (my 23rd) where I spent my birthday alone at home watching sitcoms. LOL. I don't know whether that's pathetic, but I was genuinely not bothered by it.

Yutaki is absolutely not one of those people!
He LOVES birthdays & loves presents, both giving & receiving them.
Every year we know to expect a birthday celebration & he generally starts talking about it a few months beforehand haha. This year I even applied for leave from work to make sure I could attend.

Anyhow, the theme for this year was...


Can I admit something here?
I've never watched Gossip Girl.

Yes, despite it being like, one of THE most popular sitcoms.
(Should this be where I also admit I have never watched Friends?)

I mean I watched the very, very first episode, the one where Serena is back in town & Blair knows her It Girl status is threatened because everyone was so excited about her return. And I dunno... it just seemed like the rest was going to be quite predictable. But P.S. based on that one episode alone, I'm Team Blair haha. Just like how I'm Team Veronica when it comes to Archie Comics. Does resenting the popular, super-loved blonde girl make me a sourpuss?

The giant heart-shaped strawberry cake was bought by Miyake from Ritz Apple Strudel!
I've always liked their apple strudels & never knew they did cakes like these.
It was very yummy & despite the sheer size of it, we actually managed to finish the whole thing.

This car license plate thing was purchased by Qiuting! The blinged Swarovski Yutaki powerbank in the background is another year's birthday gift made by Wendy!

And the black Y T K block letters were purchased by me (from Typo) for... Christmas I think?
I didn't even realise till typing this out that there were so many various items gifted by all of us individually over time!

As for this year's present... spot the new Olympus camera! Shared gift by the bunch of us after he remarked that he liked the pictures taken on it when he tested it out.


With my very own Sophie Coca-Cola can! I actually didn't purchase nor request this.

Even though I LOVEEEEEE Coca-Cola (if I had to pick my all-time favourite drink it would be that), I didn't see the point of getting a personalised one because... I will definitely end up wanting to drink it one day.

So this can was actually acquired through Yutaki! I guess the concept is to "Share a Coke with"... your friends/loved ones, so Coca-Cola sent Yutaki cans of his, mine & Miyake's names.

And that's how I got my own Coca-Cola can. Which is now gone.
Because I drank it.

I brought 2 pairs of spectacle frames that day haha.
I would never wear my actual prescription lens frames because they're not cool anymore LOL.

So the first one above was squarish & the below one is completely round!
Looks a bit Harry Potter-ish. I actually requested Yutaki draw a lightning bolt on our Polaroids.

Group Polaroids!
In attendance that day - Wendy, Qiuting, Yutaki, Rykiel, Miyake & I. Shuyin couldn't make it!

Some NGs lol.


To Prince Yutaki James:

Happy Birthday!

Ok your birthday was last month, but we're both experts in backdated blogposts so you know how it goes lololol. I don't even remember when we became close friends because time has just really flown by omgggg. I am now entering my mid-twenties wtf. But thankfully you will always be 2 years ahead  & 2 years older HAHA.

It was a very unexpected friendship that blossomed between us & I'm thankful to be able to count you as one of my closest friends, the one person I know I can count on to tell my secrets & problems to, to never be judged & to always be able to rely on your loyalty & support.

For all the online lurkers that have never met him, you might not know that Yutaki is one of the most effervescent people you can come across. He is super outgoing, super friendly, super light-hearted & incredibly easy to get along with. He lifts the mood of any room he enters & can bring smiles to anyone's face. And away from all that, he is also one of the most loyal friends a girl could ever have.

To the rose among all the thorns, I wish you all the love in the world because I know you have so much of it to give back. Here's to your happiness & success as we slowly grow old together.



As for the Gossip Girl theme, we all came dressed in schoolgirl outfits!
I actually still had my old JC uniforms but they looked super uncool LOL.

And I figured everyone would be wearing a white shirt so I picked a dusty pink one, matched with my mom's knitted A-line skirt, one of Yutaki's zillion ties & my white sneakers.

Yutaki made a full yearbook-themed blogpost for the theme!

LOLOL #cheaptrill

For the full blogpost, go see his blog!
He edited the pictures super well & added lots of graphics. Super cute & well-done, I love it!

And to end off the night... we were playing the board game version of Draw Something!

On the left is Yutaki's drawing of Lady Gaga, my ribcage in the middle & rust on the right.
I think Wendy won in the end but she & I were tied all the way lol #soreloser.
Miyake is a terrible drawer but I managed to guess her bad drawings anyway haha.
It's a pretty fun game!

So I guess that's about it! I'm actually thinking of doing something for my birthday this year (I turn 25) simply because I haven't celebrated it in years. But it's already June & I'm getting lazy to plan...


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